Cyber Readiness Champion Resources

Our Champions can use these exclusive resources to spread awareness about the Cyber Readiness Institute.


Champion Partnership Agreement

Download the Champion Partnership Agreement to learn important details on how to best partner and collaborate with CRI. There is no financial commitment to become a Champion – only some simple guidelines and best practices for sharing the message.

Champion Partnership Agreement cover page
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Cyber Readiness Institute
Social Graphics

Access eye-catching infographics that effectively communicate the most important behaviors for Cyber Readiness in memorable and easy-to-understand ways.


Cyber Readiness Institute Logo Files

Cyber Readiness Program logo files

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Cyber Readiness Program one-pager cover


Cyber Readiness Program One-Pager

Download a sharable, easy-to-read Program overview that breaks down the 4 Core Cyber Issues covered, what’s included in the Program, and what the Cyber Readiness Certificate means for an organization.


Cyber Readiness Program
Overview Video

This video provides a brief introduction and overview of what the Cyber Readiness Program is, why it matters, and what it can do for organizations that implement the Program.


Presentation: About the
Cyber Readiness Program

Use this customizable PowerPoint presentation to communicate the value of the Cyber Readiness Program within your organization and to your partners.

Cyber Readiness program posters


Cyber Readiness Program Posters

Get engaging posters on the Four Core Cyber Issues – passwords, software updates, phishing, and USB use – that you can share and post to reinforce and remind people about Cyber Readiness best practices.


Cyber Readiness Program
Resources & Guides

Explore our guides for help navigating the new cybersecurity challenges of a distributed workforce as more people work remotely or in hybrid work environments.

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The Cyber Readiness Playbook cover


Cyber Readiness Program Playbook

Download our ready-to-use Cyber Readiness Playbook, which can be used to easily establish good cyber hygiene in any organization. This playbook template offers actionable, clear Cyber Readiness Practices and Policies that empower employees with practical knowledge and guidance, as well as a defined Incident Response Plan to prepare organizations to best respond to an incident.


Cyber Readiness Program
Training Toolkit

Use the helpful resources inside the Training Toolkit, which include email templates, training videos, practical checklists and reference handouts to make training employees simple, with minimal time and effort for everyone involved.

The Cyber Readiness Training Toolkit cover
CRI Champions newsletter pages


Cyber Readiness Champions Newsletter

Explore the latest news and announcements, discover content updates, and preview upcoming events.

About the Program: Boilerplate Statement

The Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) is an initiative that convenes business leaders from across sectors and geographic regions to share resources and knowledge that inform the development of free cybersecurity tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Advancing the cyber readiness of small and medium-sized businesses improves the security of global value chains.