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The Cyber Leader Certification Program

The Cyber Readiness Institute’s Cyber Leader Certification Program is a personal professional credential that can be achieved after completing the Cyber Readiness Program. This management program will enhance your understanding of creating and sustaining a cyber ready culture in your organization.

A Two-Step Learning Path From Cyber Readiness Institute

Step One

Cyber Readiness Program

Complete before the Cyber Leader Program

For businesses/organizations

Walks a designated cyber leader through the process of building a culture of cyber readiness and a strong cybersecurity foundation in the organization

  • Customize the Cyber Readiness Playbook and Incident Response Plan to address the four core cyber issues in the organization
  • Implement cybersecurity awareness training for all employees

  • Measure & track improvement with cyber readiness practices

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for their organization

Step Two

Cyber Leader Certification Program

Taken after completing the Cyber Readiness Program

For individuals/professionals

  • For the Cyber Leader to:
    • Gain additional practical skills and knowledge in cybersecurity
    • Better manage people, process and technology in a small or mid-size organization
    • Establish a professional competency in cybersecurity
  • Receive Cyber Leader Certificate

What You’ll Learn

This management program requires about four hours of learning time and will enhance your understanding of creating and sustaining a cyber ready culture in your organization.

How to Manage People

You will learn how to effectively manage your people to become cyber ready, and discover how to build and sustain a new culture of cyber readiness in your organization.

How to Manage Process

We’ll teach you how to develop and implement practical processes that work and show you how to leverage continual improvement to increase your organization’s cyber readiness.

How to Manage Technology

You’ll learn how to leverage technology to protect your organization and understand key terms to confidently communicate the right questions to cloud service providers, managed service providers and vendors.

What to Expect

Requires ~1 hour per week

Videos and written tutorials

Proceed at your own pace

Requires only basic computer knowledge

Certificate upon passing the final test with a score of 100%

Talk to instructors

free resource

Immediately actionable

Become a Cyber Leader. Make an Impact.