Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cybersecurity breaches in the news always involve large companies. Why do small organizations need to be concerned?

Every organization is connected in today’s digital world, and cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link. In fact, 60% of cyber attacks target small organizations. The hackers may be trying to get at your valuable confidential information or use you as a gateway to access one of your customers or suppliers.

How do I get started improving our cyber readiness? Is there certain technology I need?

Effective cyber readiness involves people, processes, and technology. It is not just a matter of buying more technology. The key is to embed cyber readiness in how your organization operates. You need to shift from being reactive to being preventative by implementing practical policies that promote cyber readiness and resiliency.

Why does the Cyber Readiness Program use a Cyber Leader?

The Cyber Leader takes responsibility for implementing the Cyber Readiness Program within their organization. The Cyber Leader is essential to the success of the program, because they drive change within the organization, provide leadership and guidance to team members, train staff on cyber readiness best practices and are accountable to senior leadership to measure success of the program.

Why is it important to focus on the four key issues: authentication and passwords, software updates, phishing and USBs?

We target these four key issues because they are central to creating a foundation of cyber readiness. These are issues that any enterprise can tackle by focusing on the actions of people in their organization, and where improvement can be made without spending a lot of money on new technology.

How do I make cyber readiness practical and easily adopted by my workforce?

People get used to doing things a certain way and changing behavior always poses a challenge. Senior management must be involved to build awareness of the importance of cyber readiness. Ultimately, you must gain the commitment of your workforce by providing them with practical policies that enable them to do their job. That’s how you create a “cyber readiness” culture, instead of a “work-around” culture.

How does the Cyber Readiness Program help me?

Our mission is to de-mystify and simplify cyber readiness. The free Cyber Readiness Program guides you through selecting a Cyber Leader, implementing practical policies and gaining commitment from your workforce. We provide policy templates, training materials, and communication kits developed by leading experts to get your organization cyber ready quickly and efficiently.