The Cyber Readiness Playbook

The Cyber Readiness Playbook is a practical guide to help reduce cyber risk and defend against the most common cyber issues. This playbook is a part of the Cyber Readiness Institute’s Cyber Readiness Program and is based on best practices from leading cybersecurity experts. It includes strong cyber policies that empower employees with practical knowledge and guidance and a defined Business Continuity Plan to prepare organizations to best respond to an incident.

The Cyber Readiness Playbook contains fillable blank fields so that you can enter your organization’s name and information to customize these policies within the document and a checklist to help track your progress. Or feel free to incorporate the language into your internal materials and customize the content to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Here’s the table of contents and a short description of what you’ll find:

  • Cyber Ready Certification Checklist – You will use this checklist to ensure you have completed all the steps required for certification.
  • Core Four Policy Template – This template will allow you to easily implement CRI’s Core Four policies in your own organization.
  • Software Update Management Tool – A tool to help you comply with CRI’s Software Update Policy.
  • Business Continuity Plan – A Plan to help you prepare for and recover from an incident.
  • Employee Training & Awareness –  Resources to help you train your employees and an Attestation Form to confirm training is complete.
  • Celebrating and Sustaining Your Success – Final steps for certification and tips for the future.

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