This Cybersecurity Awareness Month

#BeCyberReady Challenge

The #BeCyberReady Challenge emphasizes the importance of changing our behavior to improve cyber readiness. In support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, CRI is launching this campaign to challenge businesses of all sizes and people in every role to focus on four core issues to be cyber ready and get cyber smart.

This October, we’re raising awareness around the role that good cyber hygiene can plan to ensure that individuals, businesses, and entire value chains remain safe and connected all year round.

When we each do our part, we’re not just protecting ourselves – we’re helping keep our small businesses and communities safe.

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Make a Difference

Individuals and organizations can make a difference. Get involved with our challenges and share our social images with someone you think needs to know this valuable information. We want to encourage everyone to start a “chain” and challenge at least one friend, colleague, or organization to take simple, basic steps that will make us all more cyber secure. Make sure you do this yourself but keep your colleagues and company in mind as well. They too can benefit practicing good cyber hygiene. So take the challenge, then pass it along. Each week during October, we’ll issue a new challenge to address one Core Issue.

Meet the challenge and collect them all!
Software Updates
Passwords & Authentication Ready
Secure Sharing Ready

What We’re Up To

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#BeCyberReady Challenge

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Challenge #1: Passwords & Authentication
Challenge #3: Software Updates
Challenge #4: Secure Sharing

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What you can do

Get cyber ready with us as we tackle the four core cyber issues

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