Summer and Holidays Are When Cyber Attacks Spike. Be Cyber Ready!

Are you planning a summer vacation with your family? School breaks and holidays are around the corner but are you prepared? Researchers have found most cyber attacks take place during the holidays when IT security departments operate with less staff, and people lower their guard.

If you are a small business owner, a staff member, or have your own devices to protect, the Cyber Readiness Institute wants you to feel secure when the temperature and cyber attacks rise. Visit CRI’s YouTube channel for quick educational videos you can share with employees and family by clicking here. Meanwhile, here are some of the tips from the CRI Cyber Readiness Program:

  • Break out your Business Continuity Plan and make sure it’s up to date and everyone knows what to do in case of an incident. Before any holiday, scan and monitor all devices to verify that all appropriate released patches have been installed. You should do this on a regular basis.
  • Check your backups. Make sure they’re working properly and you can resume business seamlessly in the event of an attack.
  • Sure, it’s sometimes hard to stop working while on vacation, but the same guidelines apply out of the office. Do not open an email that looks suspicious. Look at the email address of the sender and check the email carefully for errors like grammar or spelling mistakes. If you know the sender, pick up the phone and call them to verify.

These simple tricks will help diminish the risk of an attack against your data, devices, and systems while you can confidently spend time with family and friends.

For more free information and resources, visit the Cyber Readiness Institute website here.

Enjoy your time off and remember to Be Cyber Ready!