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Cyber Ready with CRI’s Managing Director

Karen Evans discusses the trajectory of her career and how she’s succeeded in a male dominated industry in a podcast conducted by cyber insurance provider Cobell Cyber Women’s History Month.

Cyber Readiness Institute Launches #PhishingFriday Campaign to Raise Global Awareness

The non-profit will share real examples of phishing emails to promote employee training It’s not uncommon for a cybersecurity vendor to commission a study on a controversial topic to attract attention to its products and...

Remaining Cyber Ready During Geopolitical Tensions

During this period of rising geopolitical tensions, CRI’s Managing Director Karen Evans shares some essential steps to take to help ensure that businesses and individuals are cyber-secure.

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

CRI’s Karen Evans took part in a panel with Principal’s CISO Meg Anderson to show small businesses how steps like strengthening passwords and creating an incident response plan can help make them more secure

A Vulnerability in a Popular Program to Build and Host Websites Could Threaten Your Business

Understand the key steps to stay safe Does your business use WordPress to build, manage, and maintain your website? If so, a recently discovered vulnerability could provide criminals with access to control and manipulate...

Quick Facts from the Ransomware Playbook

We created this infographic with basic steps from our Ransomware Playbook to help organizations and individuals easily share this tip sheet through social media channels or other platforms. You can download our complete Ransomware...

A Simple Solution to Reduce the Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware has been a scourge for years. Recently, it has become a national security issue because of the exponential growth of attacks aimed at our critical infrastructure. Ransomware that holds hostage the critical data...

Supply Chains: The Growing Target of Cyber Attacks

The Colonial Pipeline, SolarWinds, and Microsoft Exchange cyber breaches are the latest vivid reminders that cybersecurity is a core supply chain issue and a threat that is growing in frequency and impact. Colonial Pipeline...

Introducing the Cyber Leader Certification Program

A free online program to train Cyber Leaders in small and medium-sized businesses to help secure supply chains and reduce the risk of a cyber attack. The Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) has launched a free, comprehensive...

Cyber Readiness Institute Discusses Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

      Below are some of the media reports. MTP Daily Former WH cybersecurity adviser: Colonial Pipeline ‘should not have been this vulnerable’