Phishing emails

Phishing is an email-borne attack that attempts to use your email account to do something malicious. They're opportunistic attacks that can often be hard to detect. 

Is my business at risk?

Anybody with an email account is at risk of receiving a phishing email. Studies show that phishing attacks are the root cause of 90% of all breaches in organizations. 

How do phishing attacks work?

Phishing emails may adopt the disguise of a person or company you know and try to fool you to take an action, such as clicking a link or confirming sensitive information. For example, a phishing email could take on the guise of your HR officer asking you to confirm your bank account information and that they will withhold your paycheck unless you immediately confirm your identity. 

What does this mean for my organization?

Phishing is a very real threat to all organizations. And employees are often the weak link in the chain. After all, it only takes one person to respond to a phishing email to put your whole organization at risk. Turn your employees into your strongest defense with training and knowledge to help them be vigilant and identify threats before they become attacks. Protect your business by: 

Training staff

Educate your workforce about the dangers of phishing emails and telltale signs to look for. 

Reinforcing behavior

Visual aids, like posters, are great for reinforcing the dangers of phishing and the importance of being vigilant. 

Investing in cyber readiness

You might want to consider investing in anti-phishing software for your email system to help filter and block suspicious emails. 

The impact

The other cyber threats

USB use
A Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an easy target to be infected with malware that can compromise your systems.
Phishing emails
Phishing is an email-borne attack that attempts to use you or your email software to do something malicious.
Patching software
Patches are updates to your software and systems that can contain vital security measures.

want to know more?

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