The Cyber Readiness Program

The Cyber Readiness Program guides small and medium-sized enterprises to become cyber ready. Completing this free Program will make your organization safer, more secure, and stronger against cyber threats.

Every Business Faces Cyber Risks

Today, every organization, no matter how large or small, faces cyber risks. But not every small business has the staff, resources, or ability to invest in cybersecurity. Fortunately, there are basic steps you or your organization can take to protect against the most common cyber issues. Educate your workforce so every employee knows what it means to be cyber ready and can be a force multiplier for security.

The Cyber Readiness Program teaches you how to take these steps, and how to create a culture of cyber readiness within your organization.

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The Benefits of the Cyber Readiness Program

The Cyber Readiness Program is designed to be clear and accessible for SMEs regardless of size, technical expertise, and industry sector. Designed in collaboration with cyber experts from leading organizations, the Program focuses on human behavior. The Program helps a designated Cyber Leader develop and implement cyber readiness policies throughout the organization. From checklists to policy templates and training materials, Cyber Leaders have everything they need to engage their workforce and build a cyber ready organization. The Program only requires a few short weeks and very minimal technical expertise to complete.

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What’s Included in the Program

The Program focuses on four key areas that have the greatest impact on an organization’s cybersecurity. Using interactive content, videos, quizzes, and downloadable resources you’ll learn best practices and explore guidance on each. Areas include:




Removable Media / USBs

Interactive Program Content

The Program focuses on human behavior with information on key cyber issues, and transitions into a plan for implementation. Cyber Leaders are led through each phase sequentially, to first build a foundation of understanding, then turn that knowledge into action.

  • Multimedia Experience

    Interactive content and videos of engaging, actionable information that augments the learning user experience.

  • Actionable Playbook

    A ready-to-use Cyber Readiness Playbook that gives guidance for establishing strong cyber policies and an Incident Response plan that can be easily customized for your organization.

  • Workforce Training Toolkit

    A Workforce Training Toolkit that provides the Cyber Leader with everything they need to easily and quickly facilitate employee cybersecurity awareness training.

  • Employee Training Materials

    Download videos, handouts and ready-to-use employee training templates. Easily implement training via remote meetings, in-person, or using email correspondence with staff.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Cyber Readiness Program Certificate of Completion for the organization that the Cyber Leader can download and share after completing the course.

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What to Expect

Requires ~1 hour per week

Proceed at your own pace

Requires only basic computer knowledge

Certificate upon completion

Videos and written tutorials

Talk to instructors

free resource

Immediately actionable

Ready to Become Cyber Ready?

The Cyber Readiness Program will dramatically improve your cyber readiness – whether your organization has 5 or 500 people. It’s easy to get started. Create your free account to unlock our free program and resources today.

Interested in Cyber Readiness, but not sure where to start?

If you’re not quite ready to begin the Program, then the Cyber Readiness Starter Kit may be for you. Explore the Starter Kit to learn about the top cyber issues that can affect your business, and download helpful posters and training materials to educate your team.

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