Cyber Readiness Institute Discusses Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

Kiersten Todt, Managing Director of the Cyber Readiness Institute, was quoted by several media outlets about the ransomware attack that hit Colonial Pipeline, a provider of 45% of the fuel to the East Coast of the U.S.

The cyber attack on Colonial, one of the many private companies that control elements of the critical infrastructure of the U.S., has renewed calls for improved cooperation between the government and the private sector to protect against an increase in the number of cyber attacks. Improved collaboration is one of the recommendations in CRI’s recently-released White Paper for Biden Administration on Small Business Cybersecurity.

MSNBC news segment on Colonial Pipeline cybersecurity attack




Below are some of the media reports.

MTP Daily
Former WH cybersecurity adviser: Colonial Pipeline ‘should not have been this vulnerable’

The New York Times
Biden Plans an Order to Strengthen Cyberdefenses. Will It Be Enough?

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Pipeline Shutdown Sparks Gas Shortages

CBS Evening News
FBI Identifies Group Behind Oil Pipeline Cyberattack

Colonial Pipeline Hacked