The Cyber Readiness Program enables businesses to protect themselves against the most common cyber issues. Hear from Program participants in their own words about how the Program has impacted their organizations. These participants represent a diverse array of small businesses, from construction to professional services, legal, healthcare and beyond.

“While we have great external IT Management; we were missing strong internal policies and training for our workforce. This program has helped me put policies in place and has given me the tools to roll them out and to continue with ongoing training. I highly recommend this program to small businesses who don’t have a dedicated IT team. Lay persons like myself can take on Cyber Readiness even if IT is not their area of expertise. It is so important to have this internal process, even if you have external IT management.”

– Kelly H

Human Resource Manager
Wyoming Roofing

“The myth around cybersecurity is that it’s really technical and protection is something that’s done behind closed doors…but it’s really based on a lot of human behaviors that are small and simple, but that can really make a big impact.”

– Christine Pelione

Cybersecurity Integration Leader
General Motors

” CyberHawaii could not have expanded and enhanced our outreach statewide without technical expertise and support from the Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI). Thanks to our partnership, both small and medium sized businesses and the government here in Hawaii have benefited from the resources and tools we’ve provided thanks to CRI.”

– CyberHawaii

“Setting a foundation of behavior surrounding those four issues is critical…as an organization understand that risk, they can then take the right steps to manage that risk.”

– Amanda Craig

Director, Cybersecurity Policy

“Your program provided valuable guidance, best practices and useful templates to our organization’s cyber security practice. We enhanced our existing policies with your recommendations and used your framework for our internal cyber awareness training.”

“I finished the entire cyber readiness course in just one sitting, non-stop reading. It is very informative and can be of great help to protect data, system, and vital information of an organization.  Thank you for this awesome course.”

– John L

“It is suddenly taking off. A lot of these things my organisation was not aware of and now is very conscious about. We have a very good policy framework that is enabling us to follow the path.”

– Michael B.

Legal Services

“This is definitely a very valuable cyber readiness program to protect the system and vital information of an organization.  Thank you for the wonderful course.”

– John L


“In the Program, the information on authentication and passwords, creating password policies, the USB policy and the workforce announcement resources were super helpful for me and my team.”

“The program was great, quick and to the point”

– Stevie B.

“I was very pleased with the course. It helped to simplify and solve problems we had.”

– Raisa M.

“Such a well structured set of tools that helped make our organization a lot safer. I’m a part of the IT Team, but cybersecurity protocols were nearly unexistent to this point. This has truly helped not only helped my own professional development but given us a simple way to put important protocols in place.”

– José G.

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