The Cybersecurity Collaborative Partners with CyberUSA

Portland, OR, February 19, 2019 – The Cybersecurity Collaborative, a collection of cybersecurity subject matter experts and leading industry practitioners is announcing a new partnership with CyberUSA, “a community of communities” that aims to drive cyber workforce, education, innovations, and cyber-based economic development.

Operating as a platform for confidential collaboration among peers and the dispersion of top-level executive knowledge to members, The Cybersecurity Collaborative has been working to find the best approaches to understand the risk dynamics of employees, shareholders, customers, and society, making the information available to the people who need it. With Fortune 1000 CISOs leading the way, the Cybersecurity Collaborative seeks to fulfill this mission in partnership with CyberUSA and their network of cybersecurity organizations.

This new partnership includes a special program offer to all CyberUSA affiliates, the aided support of CyberUSA’s mission and vision, as well as a new advisory board within The Cybersecurity Collaborative to give a direct voice to CyberUSA affiliates to help define the content and expertise they are looking for. For more information on this partnership please contact The Cybersecurity Collaborative with the information provided below.

“Today’s new partnerships will equip the members of our national network with the information and insight they need to better defend their informational assets and private data,” said David Powell, co-founder and Vice Chairman of CyberUSA, and CEO of FBC, Inc.

“This is consistent with our mission to bring the best content and services to the national network so that they can drive improvements in their local cybersecurity community,” said Phil Bond, former US Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology and the CyberUSA’s executive director. “As our network grows it is even more imperative that we bring the very best in thought leadership to our local community groups. These new partners help us do just that.”

“The Cybersecurity Collaborative was founded by a group of Industry-Leading CISOs that with our Community Membership Leadership Council created these forums so security professionals that wear multiple hats can be immediately updated by Fortune 1000 subject matter experts on cyber challenges they face. I am looking forward to Co-chairing our new CyberUSA Advisory Board for the Cybersecurity Collaborative with Phil Bond to further define how we can help the local cybersecurity communities be stronger and safer.” said Stuart Cohen Chief Executive Officer, Cybersecurity Collaborative.

About Cybersecurity Collaborative:

The Cybersecurity Collaborative, the only private safe confidential cross-industry peer-to-peer network, is focused on the facilitation of a collaborative forum that allows like-minded individuals to openly share information that will collectively make the industry stronger, and better equipped to protect enterprises against bad actors seeking to cause cyber damage. See… CyberUSA:

CyberUSA is a collaboration of states focused on a common mission purpose of enabling innovation, education, workforce development, enhanced cyber readiness and resilience – all while connecting the cyber ecosystem of the United States and its Allies. This non-profit “community of communities” is governed by its members, established to enhance information sharing between states and improve cyber resilience at all levels of participation – local, regional and national. CyberUSA provides a communication framework, a national summit and cyber related resources to communities across the United States. See…


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