Partners in the Digital World: Announcing a New Collaboration with the Energize Colorado and RMMFI


To be more resilient, it is more important now than ever for small businesses to digitize many parts of their business. For small business owners, that includes having an online presence through a website, maintaining a customer database, and enabling purchasing through a digital shopping cart. With small businesses currently accounting for 53% percent of cyber attacks, it is crucial for small business owners to protect their business from hackers.

It is always an honor at Energize Colorado to announce a new partnership. We’re excited to collaborate with the non-profit Cyber Readiness Institute to deliver a free and easily accessible Cyber Readiness Program for small businesses. Launching on April 5th, the program will include three live sessions and a self-directed online curriculum. By the end of the short course, business owners will be better able to protect their business from cyber mayhem.

We are piloting the program with The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute’s small business community. Their Bamboo Club members (graduates of the RMMFI Business Launch Boot Camp) will learn how to protect their business from web attacks, password breaches, and software gaps.

Wendy Lea, CEO of Energize Colorado, shared: “We are excited to collaborate with the cyber security experts at CRI to bring easily accessible cyber awareness education and training to Colorado’s small business community. And we are grateful to our trusted partners at RMMFI to pilot this program alongside us.”

Craig Moss, Program Director, Content & Certification for CRI, said, “We look forward to working with Energize Colorado and RMMFI to help small businesses take practical steps to build a culture of cyber readiness. Businesses of all sizes are benefitting from a digital transformation, but with the benefits come new risks. That’s where we can help.”