New Cyber Readiness Program Now Available in Spanish and Portuguese


Cyber Readiness Institute Extends Upgraded Cyber Readiness Program to Spanish and Portuguese Speakers

WASHINGTON, DC, October 7, 2019 – The Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) continued its global expansion today with the release of new Spanish and Portuguese versions of its Cyber Readiness Program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

CRI offers free tools and resources to help SMEs build a cyber readiness culture and educate employees about secure cyber behaviors that will protect the enterprise, customers, and partners.

“Supply chains are global and know no borders. Today, companies are only as secure as their trading partners, whether they are in Lisbon, Sao Paolo, Mexico City, or Barcelona,” said Christopher G. Caine, President of the Center for Global Enterprise, a co-founding member of CRI. “We will continue to expand the availability of our Cyber Readiness Program in other languages.”

The Cyber Readiness Program is a self-guided program for SMEs that focuses on human behavior and developing practical policies an organization can follow to build a culture of cyber readiness. In May, CRI added the Cyber Leader Certification Program, the first professional credential program designed to train cyber leaders. Additionally, CRI has produced over 14 easy-to-understand guides to the most urgent challenges confronting SMEs today, including ransomware, a hybrid workforce, and using outside services.

As users go through the Cyber Readiness Program, they are provided with resources and tools — including policies and workforce education materials — that align with each step of the program’s five-stage process. Companies are asked to designate an employee as a Cyber Leader to take ownership of the program and to help educate co-workers about good cyber practices. You can find the program in Spanish here and Portuguese here.

About the Cyber Readiness Institute
The Cyber Readiness Institute is a non-profit initiative that convenes business leaders from across sectors and geographic regions to share resources and knowledge that inform the development of free cybersecurity tools for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

CRI’s resources focus on human behavior and emphasize employee education and awareness. Our mission is to advance the cyber readiness of SMEs to improve the security of global supply chains. The Institute is housed within The Center for Global Enterprise, a New York-based non-profit applied research organization. CRI was co-founded by the CEOs of The Center for Global Enterprise, Mastercard, Microsoft, and PSP Partners, as a follow-up action from the work of the 2016 President’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. Members also include Apple, ExxonMobil, General Motors, and Principal.