Kiersten Todt on Fox News Talks about the Cyber Readiness Institute

Cyber attacks are a major issue for businesses. In an interview on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier, Kiersten Todt, the Cyber Readiness Institute’s managing director, shared how the private sector is coming together to help secure global value chains.

“All companies need to be paying attention to their supply chains… [Cyber Readiness Institute] was created to help small businesses become more secure so that they can become a more secure component of the value chain.”

The Cyber Readiness Institute brings together global leaders across sectors to share best practices and expertise. CRI has distilled this knowledge to develop practical tools and resources that make cyber readiness accessible to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the world by focusing on creating a culture of cyber readiness and on the resilience of these businesses.

“Every individual has the information that can become vulnerable. What it means is that individuals have to start taking more responsibility for the security of their data,” Todt said during the interview. She shared how the Cyber Readiness Institute’s newly launched initiative is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses embed cyber readiness in the everyday actions of their employees and what it means for the security of global supply chains.

Watch the full interview here.