Cybersecurity Supplier Symposium: Security Fundamentals for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Join Kiersten Todt of Cyber Readiness Institute, Alexander Niejelow of Mastercard, and Christine Pelione of General Motors, as they examine the cybersecurity challenges of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with a particular focus on the critical role of SMBs in global supply chains.

The speakers will share practical, easy-to-use, and understand ways to help SMBs secure their organizations by focusing on human behavior. The session will highlight the importance of creating a culture of cyber readiness in SMBs to improve the security of supply chains, worldwide.


  • Kiersten Todt, Managing Director, Cyber Readiness Institute
  • Alexander Niejelow, SVP – Cybersecurity Coordination and Advocacy, Mastercard
  • Christine Pelione, Cybersecurity Integration Leader, General Motors