Painel da CyberWeek da CyberScoop: Assegurar a segurança cibernética dos EUA com laboratórios federais e PPPs

Discover the latest cybersecurity research, opportunities for partnership, and cyber support programs coming out of the federal labs and PPPs.

  • Federal experts discuss how the conversion of research into products helps support the cybersecurity needs of industry, government, the public, and beyond.
  • Learn about programs and other resources available to help mitigate your cybersecurity risks; whether that be in compliance, hiring, supply chain logistics, or industrial control systems.
  • Listen to federal researchers pitch cybersecurity technologies currently available for licensing and/or co-development.


  • Kiersten Todt, Managing Partner of Liberty Group Ventures, LLC and Managing Director of The Cyber Readiness Institute
  • Chase Garwood, CISA Portfolio Manager of the Cyber Security Division DHS S&T
  • Matt Scholl, Chief of the Computer Security Division in the Information Technology Laboratory at NIST
  • Paul Zielinski, Executive Director of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer