USB use

Universal Serial Bus (USBs) are removable storage devices used to transfer and store digital files. They're a handy way to share information, but they're also easy targets for malicious software. Any USB, or other form of removable storage device, could be infected with malicious software and there's often no way to tell until it's too late. 

Is my business at risk?

USBs have been commonplace in work environments for a while, but if they are being used by your employees without proper inspection and monitoring, then your organization could be at risk. The danger with USBs is that it is hard for most people to tell if they are infected. Without a strong policy on USBs, employees are free to use unknown USBs on your network leaving it open to attack. 

How do USB attacks work?

Like most cyber attacks, a USB attack is opportunistic. Hackers will infect USBs with malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, rootware and more. All of these can do irrevocable damage to your network as soon as they are installed.  

USB attacks rely on human behavior for success. In most cases, the providers of USBs do not know if the USB is infected. Many people will plug an unknown USB into their computer. 

What does this mean for my business?

USB attacks are caused by human error. If you're not monitoring the USBs being used on your network, you're putting your systems and data at risk.  Protect your business by: 

Develop a policy

Control the use of USBs in your organization by developing a strong company policy either prohibiting USB use, or at a minimum monitoring their use. 

Educate employees

Most people won't know about the true dangers of unknown USBs. Train your workforce to make proper use a priority. 

Provide alternatives

Define appropriate alternatives to storing, transporting, and sharing information in your organization. 

The other cyber threats

USB use
A Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an easy target to be infected with malware that can compromise your systems.
Phishing emails
Phishing is an email-borne attack that attempts to use you or your email software to do something malicious.
Patching software
Patches are updates to your software and systems that can contain vital security measures.

want to know more?

We have plenty of useful resources and information available to help you become aware of the threats to your business.