Patching software

Patches are important updates to your software and systems that can contain vital security measures. Cyber attackers are opportunistic and know where to look for vulnerabilities. Patching your systems is a really important way to fill in the cracks that hackers will try to slip through. 

Is my business at risk?

It's more than likely that you run your business using many kinds of software. Software companies routinely provide updates and security patches to their software. If you don't apply patches as soon as they're available, you're leaving your organization open to known vulnerabilities. 

How does patching work?

A patch fixes a known vulnerability in a system, application or piece of software. They are released by the system operator but are the responsibility of the user to implement. 

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is integrating patching into their processes. Software updates can take time, which makes it harder for you and your employees to make it a priority over your day-to-day work tasks.

Automation (turning on auto-update) is a great way to stay aware of new patches and schedule their installation at a convenient time.

What does this mean for my business?

It can be easy to ignore patches, but making them a priority is essential to protecting your organization from cyber attacks. Protect your business by:

Educating employees

Make regular patching part of your business operation by educating your employees about the dangers of not patching.

Patching all devices

It's likely your employees also use their personal devices for work duties or to connect to your organization's network, so make sure they're patched too.

Patch promptly

The longer your systems are unpatched, the more chances there are for an attack to occur, so make sure patches are installed promptly.

The impact

The other cyber threats

USB use
A Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an easy target to be infected with malware that can compromise your systems.
Phishing emails
Phishing is an email-borne attack that attempts to use you or your email software to do something malicious.
Patching software
Patches are updates to your software and systems that can contain vital security measures.

want to know more?

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